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Fabulous is an ICANN certified domain registrar and supplier of exclusive domain monetization and management services. Premium domain owners who own a large number of English language domains, high volume Internet traffic or premium brand domains choose Fabulous to manage their portfolios.

The Fabulous domain monetization service was originally created to service our in-house portfolio. A sophisticated toolset and established relationships with all major PPC providers has attracted major domain portfolio owners to join our service.

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The Domain Distribution Network is a unique platform which dramatically increases domain sales exposure.

Network partners include registrars, aftermarket portals, WHOIS query websites and lead generation affiliates.

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Fabulous Domains is a reseller of aftermarket domains with a searchable catalog of over 500,000 premium domain names.

Working in partnership with Fabulous, Fabulous Domains gives you the opportunity to purchase domains from Dark Blue Sea's in-house portfolio. As a result of being purchased by DBS, the domains you will find in the catalogue are best suited to SME to Customer purposes.

Prices of premium domains are calculated based on a number of factors including market segment, comparable sales of similar domains, domain length, search value, and brand ability.

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